St. Peters and Bridgeton Laundromat
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All locations are disinfected daily to ensure a clean environment all year round.

Visit Our Cost-Effective Laundromat in Bridgeton, MO

Instead of dealing with the hassle of waiting your turn at your apartment complex’s laundry facility, come to our laundromat instead. Laundry Luke’s in Bridgeton, MO, is the go-to for countless apartment residents who are searching for a facility where they feel safe and comfortable.

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Increase Efficiency by Washing Multiple Loads

Our large-capacity, high-quality washers and dryers are the solution to getting your laundry done quickly without costing a fortune. Ranging from single to quintuple-load capacity, we can cater to your needs. That means that if you wait longer than normal to tend to your laundry, we’ll make sure you can do it all in a minimal number of loads.

Take Advantage of Great On-Site Amenities

We know going to the laundromat isn’t your favorite part of the week, but it’s our goal to make it as painless as possible. By taking advantage of our great on-site amenities, we hope to make your laundry experience comfortable. Features such as a take-and-leave community library and comfortable seating mean you can use your time wisely while you wait.

Save Money in the Long Run

Utilizing our laundromat is a great way to save time and money. Instead of paying the expensive fees at your apartment’s community laundry facility, come to Laundry Luke’s. Our large, energy-efficient washers and dryers mean you can do more laundry with fewer loads! A trip to our laundromat is always a great decision for your wallet.

Ditch Your Apartment's Laundry Facility and Visit Us Instead

Have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a laundromat that’s dedicated to ensuring your experience is positive from start to finish. Visit Laundry Luke’s in St. Louis County and get your laundry done in no time. Most customers are in and out of the laundromat within an hour. Visit us today!